Who is a true fan, and who is a fake fan? What makes you a toxic fan? The internet is roaring with debates and arguments over these topics. In my previous article, we discussed the different types of fans in the world. We will see in this episode what makes you a true fan.

  1. A real fan encourages people to get to know the series, not belittle them for not doing so.

An attitude like this example, “You have not watched Death Note yet? Thou shalt be condemned!!” is unwelcome. You are free to introduce someone to, in this example…

The Harry Potter series is narrated by Jim Dale and Stephen Fry, both British actors who are well known. Jim Dale narrated the American versions of the audiobook editions, while Stephen Fry did the British versions. While I was writing this article, I have listened to the audio of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone. Here is what I noticed from the two different audiobooks of the first Harry Potter book.

Jim Dale creates a lot of unique voices for different characters. This makes it more interesting to listen to. Stephen Fry creates suspense in his narration better. …

Have you ever noticed people with one or more of the following?

• Looking a lot younger than they are, possibly as pre-teens and teens even in their twenties.

• Nonresponsive to smell, may not have any idea of smell.

• Hearing impairment

• Too short or small looking

• Poor balance many a time

• Cleft lip and palate

• One hand mirrors the movements of the other

• Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)

Then, there are chances of that person having a rare genetic disorder called Kallmann Syndrome, which is defined not only by a delay/absence of signs…

Pawan stared at the report in shocked silence. Never had he expected this! He was like any other 20-year-old man who was studying in a reputed college, had earned a name for himself in social media by doing Tik Tok videos, and dreamt of a career as an influencer. He took care of his parents, who were heart patients. His father was a muscular man who had a comfortable government job, and his mother was a tall lady with a pale look who owned a dairy shop.

Pawan’s parents had been in their late thirties when Pawan was born, and…

I’m certain many of you’d have come across the terms, ‘Volunteering’ and ‘Humanitarian trip”. Whether you’ve only heard of the terms, or haven’t heard the terms, or have any questions regarding this, this article will address it all.

Humanitarian trips are a way to promote human welfare and improve outcomes for people in-need people. Everyone has something to offer, so humanitarian trips are for all ages and backgrounds.

I’ll divide “humanitarian trips” into two parts. One is ‘within your country’ and the other is ‘abroad’.

Images are from Google.

When it comes to humanitarian works abroad, a host of factors…

When we go outside, we observe a lot of things. On an average day out, we see at least one unique thing. There are some things that we commonly see, one of which we will be exploring here. So, get comfy and read further.

Music is an important part of our life. We used to have Classical Music in the past. Now, we have Jazz, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Blues, and Country Music, etc. Among the types of music listeners I’ve seen when in public, here are most of the ones I have witnessed. …

Picture yourself on a beautiful day going to a coffee shop. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

I will not deny that although few, I have been to coffee shops. I just prefer drinking coffee at home more often. Now, among the few times I’ve been to coffee shops, here are some common types of people I have personally seen.


This customer just walks in, goes straight to the counter, orders what he/she wants and chats with the staff. Very comfortable person.

Freebie fellow

These are the same type of people who go to any public place offering free Wi-Fi just…

Where so many TV series, novels, movies, and shows exist in the world of social media, information is available at the tip of your fingers!

You might have seen different types of fans online and offline. These types of fans exist in almost all fandoms. Several franchises like ‘Baahubali’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord of The Rings’, ‘Percy Jackson’, ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’, K-Drama, and so on. You name it and you will find atleast a few such fans in every fandom. …

It was a rather hot day, and if Chakrapani had other options, he might never have chosen this part time job of conducting surveys. But, what to do? Money is a real issue.

He sighed and grudgingly walked away from the main road into one of the side streets. His brown shirt was so drenched in his sweat that the shirt matched the shade of his skin. Add to that discomfort, the mask he was wearing. He cursed the Corona virus which was directly responsible for his current situation. “Why should the owner of a theater go around doing such…

The sea was bright blue and the naval officer sat in his cabin. India was safe as long as there were soldiers like him, for he was brave, smart, and strong.

He had a strong passion and felt a strange closeness to the sea since he was a boy. It was a love-hate relationship. He was inspired to join the navy at 18 and at 26, he was satisfied with his work at the Navy.

Although he had everything, he always felt something lacking. He used to have nightmares of sinking, of someone close to him dying. …

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